I am a web designer, Shopify expert, and WordPress developer with over 6 years of experience. I am passionate about creating beautiful and functional websites that help businesses grow. I am also a Shopify Partner and WordPress Expert.

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Lithuanian website for Masks & Costumes

They are a local company and have been operating in Lithuania, They are selling Masks , Costumes , Makeup @ Accessories , Birthday theme costumes , Theme Masks and other events related stuff.

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Wordpress Development

Elementor Homepage & Custom Menu

Homepage Colorfull Design
Designed the homepage in modern Stylish way using different colors and banners
Categories Customization
Designed the categories pages , each category has its on unique color which follows products and menu color
Custom Colorfull Menu
Development of custom menu adding unique colors to each menu item and sub-menu items list .

Home Page

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Custom Menu

H1 Remix Lt - Wordpress Development

Category color in Menu

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